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How to Mark a Day Complete in Your Journal

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

In order to complete the Program in the App, you need to complete all 91 Program Days. Completing a Program Day is very easy and is done in just one step:

1. Tap the "Mark Day Complete" button at the bottom of the Journal screen

If you've left a day empty and haven't tracked anything at all, the App will ask you if you are sure you would like to leave your day empty:

Each day, you get a fresh Journal screen so you can track your progress. You can:

If You've Fallen Behind

If you've fallen behind the group, pick up where you left off! Missed days happen, but you're meant to pick up where you left off and complete each and every one of the 91 Program Days.

That said, if you've simply forgotten to track for a day or two, the App will remind you what day you are on in the Journal and what day the group is on:

Here is a video that demonstrates how to Navigate the app:

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