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How to Track your Fluids & Review Insights

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

In this post we show you how to track your Fluid Intake using the App, how to edit your Fluid Target, as well as review insights as you track your Fluids over time.

How to Track your Fluid Intake

1. Tap on "Fluid Intake" on the Journal screen

2. Tap "Add drink"

3. Select the type of fluid

4. Input the amount or select from your Saved Amounts

Note: You can edit Saved Amounts by tapping "Edit"

Tapping the red Delete icon will remove a Saved Amount from your list.

5. Tap "Save"

Your daily completion percentage will update with each new Fluid entry. This is based on your Target Fluid Goal for the day.

How to Edit Your Daily Fluid Intake Target

1. Tap "Target" to enter your "Fluid Target".

2. Update your Fluid Target in the field provided and tap the "< Back" button

How to Review Your Fluid Insights

Once you've tracked your Fluid Intake over time, you can review insights:

1. Tap on the Water Bottle icon.

You are able to review your Average Daily Fluid Intake, your Previous Day's Fluid Intake, as well as your Target Fluid Intake.

The chart shows your Fluid Intake history which can be viewed by "Week", "Month", and "Program" using the control options above the chart:

2. Tap "View All Fluid Data" to see your Fluid Intake in a simple table format

The Fluid Table shows all your Fluid data, week by week. You can view all your daily values over time.

You can also find and edit any of your Fluid values using the Fluid Table. Just tap on the entry you'd like to edit, and the App will ask you if you'd like to Delete or Edit the entry for that day.

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