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Passionate About Helping & Inspiring Others.

Hi, I'm Gina and I've been helping thousands of people lose weight in a safe, healthy, and sustainable way for more than 30 years. 

Gina Livy is the founder and CEO of Weight Loss by Gina Inc., a business that helps people lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, so they can move on with their lives and never have to worry about weight loss ever again. Gina has been helping people lose weight for over 30 years and her mission is to disrupt the diet industry by showing people there’s a different way to lose weight that’s healthy for their body and their mind, while making it accessible, affordable, doable, and sustainable. 

Gina has always demonstrated a
strong entrepreneurial spirit, starting her first business in her parent’s basement at the ripe old age of 10. This passion for entrepreneurship continued to drive Gina as she grew up and she knew this was what she was destined to do her entire life.  After completing university, Gina started working in television as a host, while starting her own side business as a personal trainer. In 2005, Gina left television to start hosting her own show while also opening up her own fitness studio,
which she successfully ran for 10 years. In 2015, Gina decided to close her studio and focus on building her
personal weight loss business by helping clients on a 1 on 1 basis. After growing her business to hundreds of clients, Gina saw an opportunity to use social media to increase her impact and help even more people. So, in 2018 Gina started her first weight loss group on Facebook and offered it for free. That first group had 482 members and created the foundation for Weight Loss by Gina Inc., which Gina started in December 2020 with her husband Tony.

As CEO of
Weight Loss by Gina, Gina led the company to explosive growth over the past 2.5 years. Her weight loss groups have grown from having 3800 members in December 2020 to now over 28,000 in the current Spring/Summer 2023 group. Total revenue is approaching 8 figures annually and the company has had over 165K sign ups since inception. Gina has grown the company from a team of 4 to now a team of 50. Additionally, during that time, Gina has also published 6 number 1 best selling books on, launched a Livy Method companion app, started her
own podcast with 2.5M downloads, grown her social media presence to over 130K followers across Facebook and Instagram, and has helped her members lose over 250,000 pounds.

In addition to building her business and helping thousands of people level up their lives, Gina loves spending time with her 4 children, 2 dogs, and a cat. She also enjoys traveling the world with Tony and drinking great wine and eating amazing food.

Gina Livy After and Before


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