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How to Track your Meals & Review Insights

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

In this article we show you how to track your Meals in the app as well as review insights as you track meals over time.

How to Track your Meals

1. Click the Meal you'd like to track on the Journal screen

Each day's meals are laid out on Journal screen in the MEAL PLAN & FLUIDS section:

  • Breakfast

  • AM Snack

  • Lunch

  • PM Snack 1

  • PM Snack 2

  • Dinner

  • Bonus Snack (only appears on select days)

To track a meal, simply click on it from the Journal screen.

2. Click the Meal Components that you ate to check them off

Each Meal comes with different components to make sure you include on your plate. Simply click the ones you consumed for the meal. No quantity or calorie tracking required.

3. Write in the "Meal Notes" section anything you'd like to record about the specific meal (optional)

4. Skip Meals as an option

Some meals come with the option to "Skip Meal". If you choose to skip one of these meals, you can track it by clicking the "Skip Meal" button.

How to Review your Meal Insights

Once you've tracked meals over time, you can review insights:

1. Click on the Dinner plate icon on the Journal screen

It will open up the Meal Insights section:

The Meal Insights chart shows your average meal completion, your previous meal intake as well as your intake goal (100% by default).

The chart can be viewed by Week, Month, or Program as a whole by using the controller options above the chart.

2. Click "View All Meal Data" to see your meal completion in a simple table format

You will be taken to the "All Meal Data" table:

The Meal table shows all your Meal data, week by week (or monthly by month if you're in General Tracking mode).

You can find and edit any of your Meal values using the Meal Table. Just click on the entry you'd like to edit, and the app will ask you if you'd like to Delete or Edit the entry for that day.

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