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How to Navigate Journal Days

Updated: Jan 17

When you start to Mark Days Complete in your Journal, you unlock new Journal Days.

This post will show you how to navigate to different Journal Days so you can go back in time and look at details and review your overall progress and weight loss journey.

How to Change Days Using the Calendar Bar

In the Calendar Bar at the top of the Journal screen, each day of the week is available. Simply tap the day you'd like to navigate to and the App will update:

To change weeks using the Calendar Bar, simply swipe left or right to navigate to a different week.

How to Change Days Using the Calendar Pop Up

If you'd like to go further back in time and don't want to swipe right on the Calendar Bar many times, you can tap the Calendar icon in the top-right of the Journal screen:

After you tap the Calendar icon, a full Calendar pop up will appear to allow you to view and select days to navigate to in the Journal:

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