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How to Set your Weight Goals

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

In this post we'll cover how to set your weight goals while setting up your App for your First Program.

And once you've started your First Program, how to set or update:

While Setting up the App for your First Program

You are able to enter your weight goals on the Program Countdown screen after you've unlocked your Program.

1. Tap "Enter weight goals"

2. Input your Start Weight and Target Weight for the 12-week Program and tap "Update".

And that's it! Your Program Start and Goal Weights are saved and you'll be ready to go once the Program starts!

How to Set your Finally & Forever Weights once you've started your First Program

After you've started your First Program, you are able to access your Program Goal Weight, as well as your WLBG Start Weight and Finally & Forever Weight using the steps below:

1. Tap the Journey tab

2. Tap "Edit" next to the Finally & Forever Goal section.

3. Enter your WLBG Start Weight and your Finally & Forever Goal Weight

Please review the text on the screen above to understand these two values.

How to Set your Program Goal Weight once you're started your First Program.

1. Tap the Weight Scale icon

2. Tap "Edit"

3. Enter your Program Goal Weight (Target Weight)

And that's it!

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