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Diet and weight loss are hot topics on social media and fuel a multi-billion-dollar diet industry that  promises expensive, quick-fix solutions that are inaccessible and unsustainable.



Membership Graph: Summer 2018 - Winter 2023 (over 3700% growth over 4 years)
Member Growth, (over 3700% growth over 4 years)
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Fall 2022 Weight Loss Trends
Fall 2022 Weight Loss Trends
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Winter 2023 Weight Loss Trends
Winter 2023 Weight Loss Trends


The Livy Method Winter 2023 Survey results
Fall 2022 Survey Results


“It is so relatable, real people sharing real weight loss stories & staff who have been through or are in the program. It does not promise quick fixes, it fits in with real life and it works.”

“No matter how I was feeling the morning check-ins would get me off to a positive start and I could rely on that, 7 days a week”

“Gina’s daily lives and posts on nutrition and healthy eating have given me answers as to why I lost and  gained no matter how hard I tried, and then kept the weight on for many years.”

“The community is like your personal cheer squad; they understand your struggles because they have each lived them, I can see myself in their stories.”

“It’s not about depriving, I give my body the nutrient rich food it needs. I don’t have to do anything weird. Changing the dialogue about myself in my head has been the best part. 

“24/7 access to the community from anywhere in the world is lifesaving, literally, for me. I have received 3 gold stars from my doctor - she is blown away by my success.

“… choosing to eat real food – flexibility in what to eat but still lots of guidance and suggestions. Loved the science behind the program and learning WHY we ate the way we did.”

“So much knowledge, I have had to unlearn and relearn everything I ever thought I knew about eating (or rather not eating) and losing weight”

*3128 Fall 2022 members registered for follow-up surveys

  3481 Winter 2023 members registered for follow up surveys

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