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Diets don't work. If they did, people would be losing weight, and obesity rates would be declining, not climbing.

There are more diets out there than ever, but none of them seem to work in a way where you not only lose weight but are able to keep it off without gaining it all back or struggling to maintain it.


The whole concept of dieting is flawed and based on old,

archaic methods, charts, and outdated information. 

Most diets are based on fat burning, eating less and exercising more, or forcing the body to use fat by restricting carbohydrates and other high-energy foods.

Continuously stimulating your body to tap into its stored fat reserves for energy may lead to initial weight loss, yet in the long run, the body's tendency is to rebound, causing you to not only regain the lost weight but also put on additional pounds due to the physiological response triggered by prolonged deprivation.

This is where MY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM is different.

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A 12-week systematic process to help you lose weight finally and forever!



Livy Method Steps, 1: Address why the body is feeling the need to store fat. 2: Help the body to focus specifically on fat loss. 3: Create the environment so the body can get the fat out.

 Included with the 12-Week Weight Loss Program
…and all for only $75!

Personal weight loss coaching from Gina Livy

Personal Coaching from Gina

Daily weight loss videos and meal plans

Daily Posts, Videos and More

Gina and her expert team guide and support you through the weight loss journey with daily content.

Hundreds of informational posts, videos, live Q&As, meal ideas & everything you need to be successful.

Weight loss support community

Private Facebook Support Group

Access to our private Facebook community where thousands of current & past members share their support.

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Free Access to Our Companion App

A No Money Icon

No Lifetime Memberships

Track your weight, water, and food, along with daily journaling & more in our highly-rated companion app.

No gimmicks, no difficult subscription to cancel. Lose weight healthily and sustainably, then move on with your life!



We are so inspired by our community - where being a loser is A GOOD THING! And we love our NON-SCALE VICTORIES!

Thank you to all of our awesome LIVY LOSERS for sharing some of their inspiring weight loss journeys, adventures, and challenges along the way.

“This is a guy who is officially down 20lbs as of today and is feeling really good about himself, his energy levels, and the food he's putting in his body!

- Kevin

Kevin who lost 20 lbs using the Livy Method
Jennifer-Lynn who used our 12-week weight loss program

"Going from 230lbs to under 200 is amazing. I still have a ways to go, but I am armed with the information I need to keep going. I am so glad I am a #LivyLoser!!!"
- Jennifer-Lynn

"My stepdaughter took me to The Grotto today. 6 months ago, this never would have happened.
So grateful for this program and the energy

I have now.”
- Berri-Lynn

Berri-Lynn who used the Livy Method to lose weight
Kristie lost weight and kept it off with the Livy program for weight loss

"Woke up to a new low! 70 pounds gone! And I’m not even crazy strict! I indulge, and get right back at it. That is something I couldn’t handle before!"

- Kristie


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The Weigh In with Gina weight loss podcast

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