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1 cup quinoa

2 cups chicken stock or water

4 tbsp hemp seeds

4 portobello mushrooms, stems removed

1 avocado

¼ cup parsley or cilantro chopped

2 tbsp tahini

½ lemon, juiced

1 garlic clove

1 tsp honey

olive oil


Microgreens for garnish



  1. Turn the oven to high broil and position a rack in the top third of the oven.

  2. Rinse quinoa under cold water and drain.

  3. Bring a pot of water or chicken stock to a boil and add quinoa. Turn down to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes. Drain any excess water. Transfer drained quinoa to a baking sheet and add a splash of olive oil and salt to taste. Using a spatula mix well and spread evenly.

  4. Broil for 8-10 minutes (times may vary depending on your oven). Watch it carefully and stir halfway through. You will hear it pop and it will start to toast. Keep a very close eye in the last half of broiling. There should be no moisture left, so if necessary lower the oven rack and toast a little longer until it is dry and crispy.

  5. While quinoa cooks, wipe the mushrooms with a paper towel to remove any dirt. Season the portobellos with olive oil, smoked paprika, cumin and salt to taste. Over medium high, heat a splash of olive oil in a large pan. Add the mushrooms and sauté for 2-3 minutes on both sides to brown and soften. Cover to lightly steam for the final minute.

  6. Make the sauce: in a small bowl or a mason jar combine tahini, minced garlic, lemon juice and honey. Salt to taste and mix well. Thin with ice cold water as needed, set aside.

  7. Assemble by filling each mushroom with about ½ cup of toasted quinoa. Sprinkle with hemp hearts and drizzle with tahini sauce. Garnish the mushrooms with chopped parsley or cilantro, sliced avocado and microgreens. Enjoy!

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