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Livy Losers


We are so inspired by our community - where being a loser is a good thing! And we love our Non-Scale Victories!

Thank you to our awesome Livy Losers & group members for sharing some of their inspiring weight loss journeys, adventures and challenges along the way.

“This is a guy who is officially down 20lbs as of today and is feeling really good about himself, his energy levels, and the food he's putting in his body!

- Kevin

Kevin, Livy Loser
Jennifer-Lynn, Livy Loser

"Going from 230lbs to under 200 is amazing. I still have a ways to go, but I am armed with the information I need to keep going. I am so glad I am a #LivyLoser!!!"
- Jennifer-Lynn

"I barely made a meal, other than scrambing eggs or boiling pasta previously. Today I can make such a diverse mix of foods."

- Rebecca

Rebecca, Livy Loser
Kristie, Livy Loser

"Woke up to a new low! 70 pounds gone! And I’m not even crazy strict! I indulge, and get right back at it. That is something I couldn’t handle before!"

- Kristie

"This is US one year ago and today! 2022 has been an epic year! Can’t wait to see where life takes us."


- Colleen

Colleen, Livy Loser
Berri-Lynn, Livy Loser

"My step daughter took me to The Grotto today. 6 months ago this never would have happened.
So grateful for this program and the energy I have now."
- Berri-Lynn

" I was looking through some old pics and came across this one and it stopped me in my tracks. I have now learned how to find a better balance and still enjoy the treats once in a while too."
- Jo

Jo, Livy Loser
Livy Loser

“One of my biggest NSV "wants" was achieved today! Not having to resize my ring is a huge win!” 

- Anonymous

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