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How to Track Non-Scale Victories

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Members following the Livy Method experience all kinds of benefits that go beyond lower numbers on the weight scale. Each week, we track these "Non-Scale Victories" (NSVs) as they're important markers of change!

In this article we'll cover:

How to add Non-Scale Victories at the end of each Program Week

Once you have complete a week in the program, you will prompted to add Non-Scale Victories for that week.

1. Check off any Non-Scale Victories you experience that week

You can also "View More Suggestions" if you would like view more NSV suggestions.

A list of NSVs members commonly experience will appear. Select any that are interesting or relevant to you and press "Save". These will be saved as a preset to your NSV list each week.

2. Type in your own custom Non-Scale Victories and click "Done"

On top of the suggested NSVs that Weight Loss by Gina members commonly experience, you can add and track your own unique NSVs that you experience. Simply type them in!

3. Optional: Select "Save Preset" to save that NSV for future weeks to be checked-off again

If you think the NSV you're creating that you may want to track again in future weeks, you can save it to your preset list. If you think it's a one time thing, select "Not Now".

Note: you can manage your preset NSV list at anytime by clicking the "Edit" button.

Each NSV is able to be removed by clicking the red delete icon beside each NSV.

4. Click "Save"

And that's it! You've entered your NSVs for the week!

How to add Non-Scale Victories at any time through the Journey view

If you don't feel like filling out your NSVs at the end of the week, you can do so at any time through the Journey view:

1. Click on the "Journey" tab

2. Click on "Non-Scale Victories" for the Week you'd like to update

After this, the flow will be exactly the same as How to add Non-Scale Victories at the end of each Program Week