Meet the Team

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Chief Weight Loss Guru

Gina knows the diet industry inside & out, having spent the past 30 years helping people reach their weight loss goals. She knows what works, what doesn't, and is here to cut through the bullshit.  The diet industry has failed people, forever promising quick fixes that never lead to sustainable weight loss. 

Her mission is to disrupt the whole damn thing, so look out peeps...healthy sustainable weight loss is finally here and here to stay! For more about Gina & her story visit the About page.



Chief Business Person

Tony is the business behind the business. He is responsible for all the business activities of the company; the stuff too boring for Gina to want to think about.  After spending over 15+ years in a variety of corporate roles, including Product Development & most recently as a Senior Regional Manager at Amazon, Tony is here to build a company that will change the weight loss industry & help millions of people improve their health and happiness. Tony has an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from McMaster University (which may finally come in handy) and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business in Marketing and Strategy. 

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Chief of Staff to Gina

As Chief of Staff, Sonya brings more than 20 years of experience and strategic expertise in sales and administration to the WLBG team. In her current role, she will serve as advisor and counsel to Gina, providing direct support and helping to assist in executing projects and initiatives.   Prior to joining WLBG, Sonya has spent most of her career in Telecommunications, most recently as a strategic sales leader.  Born in Toronto where her parents emigrated from Greece and the Czech Republic, they both imbued her with four talents: hard work, resilience, studying, and an entrepreneurial spirit. 

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Group Vibe Manager

Not only a Livy Loser, but also a mom and a registered nurse.  Anna brings relevant experience and a passion for helping people to the team.  In the past two groups, Anna has lost over 80 lbs. and is almost at her Finally and Forever goal.  She is fully committed to using her understanding of the program to be there for each and every one of our members, wherever they are on their weight loss journey.  



Assistant Group Vibe Manager

We are all about the vibes around here. Not only do we believe sustainable weight loss is achievable, we also believe it can be fun! Having completed the Program and losing 30+ pounds herself,  Terry-Ann started with us as our first Vibe Ambassador and is now our Assistant Group Vibe Manager . She will be using her knowledge of the Group to help support our Members as they work towards reaching their weight loss goals. 

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Assistant Group Vibe Manager

Having lost 50+ pounds herself, Kim started as a Vibe Ambassador in the Spring 2021 Group. In her role as Assistant Group Vibe Manager she is committed to using her experience with the program to help support and motivate our Group Members as they work towards their Finally and Forever weight loss goals. 

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Assistant Group Vibe Manager

Odette originally joined the team as a Vibe Ambassador in September 2021 and is now our Assistant Group Vibe Manager.  In this role, Odette will use her expertise and experience as a nutritionist to help our members achieve their Finally & Forever.

Megan Corbett Headshot_edited.jpg


Group Shift Supervisor

Megan originally joined the team as a Vibe Ambassador in September 2021 and is now our Group Shift Supervisor.  In this role, Megan will help the team stay organized and will ensure the Vibe within the groups stay positive and supportive. 

Shelann Sleegers Headshot_edited.jpg


Group Shift Supervisor

Shelann originally joined the team as a Vibe Ambassador in September 2021 and is now our Group Shift Supervisor.  Shelann brings years of management experience to her role and has a passion for building great teams.

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HR Coordinator

As Human Resources Coordinator, Maryse brings over 33 years experience in Management, Human
Resources, Customer Service, Training, Consulting, Adult education and as a Workshop Leader. As part of the WLBG team, Maryse hopes to utilize her experience and passion for this company to onboard and retain the most amazing and talented people for WLBG. Maryse holds two undergraduate degrees. A Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from York University and a Bachelor in Adult Education from Brock University. She is married for 34 years and has two amazing adult children.



Customer Service Support

Geila works hard to ensure we provide the best customer support to all our existing and new members. 

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Customer Relations Specialist

Joy helps with things on the administrative side such as helping members sign up, answering emails, tracking projects, etc. She began her weight loss journey back in fall 2019 and lost 30 pounds herself.  She has an MBA from York University and spent 30+ years in sales. She is now happy to be helping others navigate their way through Gina's program so they too can achieve their weight loss goals.

Sasha Profile HR.jpg


Research & Development Lead

Sasha has a HUGE love for health science and with an expansive background in Nursing (Mostly in the NICU, Pediatrics, Public Health, and some Midwifery Education) she has spent the last 10 years in Clinical Education, Mentoring and Leadership, and can't wait to translate this experience into helping support all you wonderful Livy Losers!!  She will be the Data Queen (assisting Tony with his great love of data and survey analysis of the program), be the GOTO girl for research projects, and will be looking to facilitate and implement The Livy Method in workplace wellness programs!

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Senior Manager, Digital Marketing & Communications

As Senior Manager of Digital Media & Communications, Jacqueline brings with her a multitude of skills and experience in social & digital media, event management/execution and more!

Jacqueline has spent over a decade in the media industry with Rogers TV where she hosted and produced a live daily lifestyle show. She also appeared on Breakfast Television as an entertainment reporter. She then made the transition into the automotive industry where she worked on the marketing team for one of the largest automotive groups in Canada. Jacqueline enjoys spending her time with the husband, son and daughter and cottaging with family. She has a passion for health & wellness and is thrilled to be a part of the WLBG leadership team!

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Learning & Training Coordinator

Michelle originally joined the team as a Vibe Ambassador during Spring 2021 and is now our Learning & Training Coordinator.  In this role, Michelle will combine her background as an educator and her passion for teaching to help train and develop our team members. 

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Learning & Training Assistant

Rebecca originally joined the team as a Vibe Ambassador and is now our Learning and Training Assistant. Rebecca has a Bachelor and a Master of Education and is currently pursuing her PhD in Education.  

Group Vibe Ambassadors