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"To say this program changed my life is an understatement. The biggest gift I’ve ever given myself. I’m barely 5feet tall, lost 32lbs and by the end of the winter group, and in time for my 55th birthday I had lost all my weight.
I also have experienced better health, all arthritic pains seemed to go away, I sleep better, my emotional state is completely altered and I feel like I can do anything now.
Believe in the program and yourselves.”


"This is 45lbs lost. There are really no words to describe Gina’s program. It’s life changing! The information you receive and learn is top notch. I’m forever grateful for finding Gina and learning so much about myself, food, and losing weight along the way! Sign up now, because you will not be disappointed!"


"It’s still amazing to me that our bodies can change this much, but more importantly our brains, our thoughts, and our whole “person” can do a complete overhaul with this program. Gina’s program has helped me find ME again. I lost 40 pounds, and in the process gained an understanding of what my body needs and how to be in tune to those needs. I have more energy and confidence than I have had most of my adult life. Gina’s program is life-changing."


"My before is not flattering at all but it is the picture that made me pull the trigger and sign up for Gina’s program!!! Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful a friend posted that awful picture of me online forcing me to make that decision! Best thing I ever did for myself!!"


"It was through a mother & daughter friendship that I heard about Gina. I had no Facebook account & zero clue how to get one. My friends daughter set me up & I began my weight loss journey on January 6, 2019. My goal, 120 pounds in 18 months. Fast forward to October 2020 & I am down 104 pounds! 16 pounds away from goal. How did that happen? I ate, I slept so well it was unbelievable & I had & still have energy I never had before. As I got rolling in this program I quickly realized it wasn’t just about weight loss. This program, in my opinion, is about the entire mind, body & soul connection. It truly is a crazy process & one I still cannot explain. You eat & eat & eat then when you thought you ate enough you eat more. It is hard to describe the journey except to say it works. How can you eat so much & lose weight? No gimmicks, not deprived in any way....:crazy! You hydrate, eat & pretty soon it becomes apparent you want to walk outside, go to a gym, run, move your body. No more swelling, bloat, fatigue. I felt & still feel amazing."


"After seeing how successful my wife was in her first group with Gina I knew I had to join in the fun! 50 lbs down and coming back to lose another 10-15. I never thought weight loss could be so easy"


"Between the fall 2019 and spring 2020 groups I lost 80lbs and found a new me. I never thought I could have this much energy all day. Or feel so good. Can not wait to see the doctor for my annual and thank you Gina for always being there to cheer me on!”


"I've lost 50lbs with Gina Livy's program. It's an easy to follow, structured process that has changed my life and changed my mindset about food. No counting calories, measuring, or weighing! My body is releasing fat it has held onto for years. I will forever be grateful to Gina and her program!"

Thank you to our awesome LIVY Losers & Group Members for sharing some of their

inspiring weight loss journeys, adventures and challenges along the way.


"I have always been a relatively fit and healthy person until I hit my 40s when my weight started to gradually creep up. By the time I was 49, I had an extra 35 pounds on me and I wasn’t happy with my health. **I am a marathon runner and I thought the answer was more running and more miles. I even trained for a marathon with all of my extra weight. I was miserable during the training process and unlike past experiences, I lost no weight at all. **In the Fall of 2019, a friend introduced me to Gina Livy’s weight loss plan. I was all in and reached my goal weight the following winter. It was a process and a new routine for my body, but I found results by following the plan and committing to a permanent change in how I approached nutrition. Through this plan, I've lost 35 pounds and have successfully maintained since then. **This program is life changing! Gina educates you on how your body works and what it needs to do what it’s designed for. She walks you through the entire process, step by step. Eating this way has changed our entire family. I’m 50 years old and I’m thrilled to have been able to recently put my wedding dress on, something I haven’t worn since i was 28! It’s not a gimmick. It’s not a fad. It’s a new normal and it just makes sense." Kim Ashburn, Virginia


“Gina your program is the real deal and it's had ripple effects on everyone in my (extended) family. You're doing good in this world by teaching others and I thank you. Today I am down 50lbs from April! (I'm 5'9 , start weight was 205-207lbs and I'm 155lbs now). My weight gain was stress related and no amount of exercise helped. What I started to do in April was listen to ALL the lives (should be mandatory in my opinion), walk daily, and learn to listen to my body and make time for myself.”


"I started this program KNOWING it works. My mom had already lost a huge chunk of weight and I was so excited to finally make this decision for myself. It was the best decision I ever made. I had gained over 80 lbs after having my daughter at 19 years old. 3 years later i was BEYOND ready to take my body back and do something for myself. I lost 23 lbs my first round. And then 12 more my second (During the the worst of Covid in the spring). I have lost a total of 35 lbs. I have been easily able to maintain my new weight and utilize all of the amazing knowledge I have learned from Gina, Andrea and many other group members. It’s an amazing group of people from so many different walks of life. You won’t regret signing up for this life-changing journey. I have more weight to lose, but with the support of these groups as well as all of the support from Gina and Andrea, I have full confidence I can lose the rest! I have eons more energy, I sleep so much better, my digestion is miles better, I can think clearer and best of all I know how to nourish my body correctly!"


"I joined in spring 2019 with the aim of losing 20lbs. Might not sound much to some, but I’d been battling to lose 5lbs for years!! I’m 5’ 10” always been slim then boom in my 40s extra weight was on. I just put it down to being an older mum at 37 and hormones. I’m 52 and was having regular hot flushes with sweats and nausea 4-5 times a day. Within 2 weeks they were practically gone. I couldn’t believe it! That for me was the golden ticket. Bonus was I lost 17lbs in the first group. Each group I’ve rejoined to stabilize and make my body stronger and healthier. I lost the plot during lockdown, working in mental health with all the stress really has taken it’s toll and I’ve regained some weight, which I’m working on now. I just want to say how much I’ve loved this whole process and being part of the groups. I have never been part of a more positive and empowering group. You’ve been more therapy to me personally, and a life-line on some days, than you will ever know. Thank you all, but especially you Gina xx"

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