Counting calories, eating low fat and weighing

your food is old and archaic.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off you need to figure out why your body is feeling a need to store fat in the first place.

Your body doesn't want the fat any more than you do but for some reason it is feeling the need to hold on to it and looking to store more.  It can get to a point where no matter how much less you eat and how much more you exercise and

you still can't lose weight.

The Program

I have spent the past twenty five years designing a program that not only makes sense but also works.  It worked for me and has worked for the thousands of others that have followed though and completed the program.


Diets don't work and the diet industry isn't designed to actually help people because any diet that forces the body to burn fat is destined to fail. If you use your stored fat for energy then the body will store it all back plus more the first chance it gets every time, simply because that is how the body works.  Which is why people can lose weight but they can't maintain it.


My Weight Loss Program is not a diet, it is years of research and experience and some common sense mixed with some knowledge about what your body needs to make the changes you want it to make, broken down in a way that you can understand so it seems doable...because it is.

The program is a proven step by step formula that systematically addresses why the body is feeling a need to store fat and helps you figure out what you need to do about it so you can lose weight and keep it off.

Designed to be followed day by day and week by week so you not only lose weight but you do so in a healthy way that is easily maintained so you can move on from trying to lose it, forever.

Frequently asked questions about The Program

How long is the program?

The Program is 12 weeks, I believe it takes at least that long to make major change in the body.  5 pounds or 50 pounds the process is the same, you want to figure out why your body is feeling a need to store fat and give it enough time to drop it

Do you offer shorter Programs?

People can spend years trying to lose the same 5 pounds over and over again doing quick fix diets, I am more interested in providing a solution that not only works but is easily maintained. In the past I have offered up shorter specialty programs and options but currently I am only offering the 12 Week format.


Do you have to follow a meal plan?

There is a formula that does need to be followed for maximum results you are provided with a guide outlining what you are to eat and when but it is very flexible and can accommodate most nutritional needs and or dietary limitations, Vegetarians as well as pregnant or nursing Moms are welcome.


Does it require buying special foods?

Protein is Protein, fruits are fruits and veg is veg, for the most part you will be able to eat food you enjoy eating and won't be made to eat any that you don't.

Do you have to purchase specific supplements?

No, but there are basic supplements that I do suggest that work well with the program based on individual needs.  Generally If the body is feeling a need to store fat adding in certain basic supplements can be beneficial for weight loss especially if someone has any health issues or deficiencies.  I do not work with any specific supplement company and will not require or ask you to buy or sell them.

How much weight can I lose?

This depends on how much you have to lose. Men can lose upwards of 70 lbs while woman can lose 50 give or take within the 12 weeks.  It all depends on the state in which your body starts, how much you have to lose to begin with as well as how diligent you are about following the program and any health issue that need to be taken into account.  Results are obviously individual.

FAQ about working with Me

If I want to work with Gina Individually through her Online Program what is the next step?

Visit the booking site below and book a 15 min consultation by phone to see if you are a candidate OR contact me to receive further information.

If I want to work with Gina personally at The Clinic what is the next step?

Contact the Center for Health a Rehabilitation at +1 (905) 652-4811 to book a consultation

How is working with Gina one on one different than joining one of her groups?

My Group Weight Loss Program was designed as an affordable option to working with me one on one and to help as many people as I can in a way where they could be just as successful as My Personal Clients.  The group is supported by written material, live question and answer periods, posted video tips and instruction by way of the Facebook and the Private Membership Group.  In addition to all of that, working one on one with me allows you access to me 24/7 by way of daily messaging and weekly meetings specifically designed to address the individual needs of my Clients.​ 

How do I sign up?

Check out the programs below and visit the Shop page to purchase