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The Livy Method Bridging the Gap - Summer Club 2024


July 22nd - August 25th

Cost: $29 CAD



A place for our previous members to bridge the gap between the Spring/Summer and Fall Program.  The group is designed to support our members in between groups as they continue to work towards their weight loss goals.  


What's included:

  • Our team of Program Specialists available to answer any questions you have this summer, whether you are looking to lose, maintain, or set yourself up for success in the fall. 
  • Weekly live segments with Gina
  • Guest expert segments 
  • A place to connect with the community 
  • Some tips and tricks to keep you motivated this summer
  • Please note that there is no app for this group, but if you are a previous member, you can continue to use the app in general tracking mode to track your progress


This is an online group, so nothing is physically mailed out. You can join the Facebook support group (a Facebook account is required to join the Facebook support group), where you get supported by our fantastic team of Program Specialists. They are there to answer any questions you may have. 


By Purchasing the Summer Club, you agree to the terms of the Groupamong which state you will, in no way, shape, or form, hold Weight Loss by Gina Inc. accountable for the outcome of your experience with this Program.


You are choosing to follow the Program of your own volition and with the understanding that consulting your doctor should always be your first choice when it comes to your health and wellness. Please note that because Weight Loss by Gina is not a medical organization, we cannot meet the needs of those with eating disorders. For this reason, those with a current medical diagnosis of an eating disorder are not eligible for membership in our Programs.


You also agree that at any given time when participating online, you may be suspended or removed from the Summer Club Group for any behavior that is disruptive to the Group or in violation of Group rules.


Trademark and Copyright laws are in full effect for any information or material reviewed on the website, sent out by email, or viewed in any group, social media platforms, or app.


Refund Policy:

Due to the Individual and informative nature of the Summer Club, which makes accountability a key element, refunds will not be given for any reason.


What you need to know about this purchase:

After purchasing the Summer Club, you should receive 2 emails (Nothing is physically shipped out):

  • An email confirming your purchase with your 6 digit order number
  • An email receipt from either Stripe or Paypal depending on your method of purchase 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:


Bridging the Gap - Summer Club 2024

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