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Updated: Jun 27, 2023


INGREDIENTS: 3 chicken breasts 6-8 radishes 6 small rainbow carrots 2 leeks 2 cups of baby spinach 1 lemon 1/2 orange, juiced 1 tbsp butter 2 tbsp maple syrup olive oil 1 tsp dried oregano 1 tsp dried rosemary S&P



  1. Preheat oven to 425F°

  2. Using a paper towel, pat dry chicken breasts and place in a bowl. add rosemary, oregano, splash of olive oil and juice of 1/2 lemon. S&P to taste. Mix well until the chicken is covered in spices all around. Cover and set aside.

  3. While chicken marinades, prep the veggies by halving the radishes and the carrots lengthwise. Chop the green parts of the leeks and quarter the white parts lengthwise. Wash the leeks thoroughly by running them under cold water, separating each of the layers. Pat dry using a kitchen towel. Slice the remaining half of the lemon. Set the veggies aside.

  4. In an oven proof pan, over medium high, heat a splash of olive oil. Add chicken breasts. Sear until golden brown, about 2 min on each side (don't worry if chicken is not cooked through, searing the surface of the chicken helps lock in moisture in the meat, which in turn, it holds the flavors inside). Place a lemon slice on each of the breasts, remove from heat and transfer to the preheated oven. Roast the chicken until cooked through, about 20 min. Once done, remove from the oven and set aside to rest before cutting.

  5. While the chicken roasts, over medium high heat, melt the butter in a large cast iron or a pan. Add sliced carrots. Saute until they start to brown, 3-4 min. Add leeks and radishes (carrots require a longer time to cook so the order is essential to ensure all veggies are cooked equitably). S&P to taste. Add orange juice and maple syrup and mix well until coated all around. turn the heat up to high and sauté, stirring often until the liquid fully evaporates and the vegetables start to brown and caramelize on the sides, about 8-10 min. Remove from heat and set aside.

  6. Serve the chicken over spinach leaves with caramelized veggies on the side. Enjoy!

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