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INGREDIENTS: For Seared Tuna:

1 tuna steak

1 tsp black sesame seeds

1 tsp white sesame seeds

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp soy sauce


For Salad: 2 eggs

8-10 baby potatoes

4 cups of arugula

1/4 red onion

150 gr green beans

1/2 cup of baby tomatoes

1/4 cup pitted olives

4 anchovies filets

olive oil




  1. In a large pot, cover the potatoes with water. Cover the pot with lid, bring to boil and cook until fork tender, about 12-15 min. When soft, add the green beans and blanch for about 2 minutes. Drain and set aside. While the potatoes cook, boil the eggs, halve the tomatoes and pitted olives, and slice the onion thinly.

  2. Place the tuna steak on a plate*. Splash with soy sauce and olive oil. S&P to taste. Gently toss the steak around to ensure all sides are coated with oil and seasoning. In a separate plate, combine black and white sesame seeds. Mix well. Shake the plate so the seeds even out to a single layer. Press marinated tuna steak into the sesame seeds, coating all of the sides.

  3. Over high heat, heat a splash of olive oil in a nonstick pan (high heat is the key to get a nice golden brown sear). When hot, carefully lay the tuna in the pan, pressing it down into the skillet with tongs or a spatula. Sear for about 1 minute until golden brown, then flip to the other side. When the other side is done, sear the long edges using the tongs to hold it upright, about 1 min per side. Remove from the pan and set aside on a cutting board to rest.

  4. While tuna rests, halve the potatoes & eggs. Assemble the salad by layering the ingredients onto a plate: start with arugula, add tomatoes, potatoes, onions, green beans, olives and eggs. On a cutting board, using a sharp knife, thinly slice the seared tuna. Place the tuna on top and garnish with anchovy filets. Lightly drizzle the salad with olive oil and balsamic. Enjoy!

NOTES *Alternatively to seared tuna, you can use canned solid tuna, which will cut the cooking time and bring convenience when on the go. This salad also is great for a meal prep, just double the quantities of boiled eggs, potatoes and green beans and store in the fridge until ready to use or up to 3 days.

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