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Updated: Jan 29

Hi everyone,

I'm here! At my goal weight and still wanting to change and make new goals for the future. When featured on Gina's 'Spill the Tea' segment early in the Winter group, I had shared my gratitude for the amazing new knowledge and ways to fuel my body with good, wholesome nutritious food and also with a healthier mindset. When asked by Gina what I plan to do next, I shared that I wanted to start moving this new body more! I have committed to this goal figuring out some mindful movement opportunities that get me sweating or just breathing in fresh air on a daily basis. My sister, my #1 cheerleader, Nadine and I continue to be each other's accountability partners, motivating and kindly encouraging each other to get moving. The movement feels different, it feels lighter and it also feels good to clear the mind and feel interconnected with our whole body health. It is pretty amazing that we were able to lose 100 pounds between us (I have lost 55, Nadine 45) over the course of three programs and now move as part of our maintenance journey. We continue to mindfully indulge, especially on long weekends or a night out with girlfriends. We are using the 'back on track' strategy and then using our intuitive eating too, all from what we have learned from Gina.

"The energy I now have in my body from doing these rounds of [The Livy Method] feels so good as I move, groove and start to feel my muscles...."

The energy I now have in my body from doing these rounds of Gina feels so good as I move, groove and start to feel my muscles, feel my strength increasing and see some toning starting to take shape. I am just so thankful that I get to move this body and that my body works for and with me now. I am changing the narrative and feel empowered by that. I continue to show up for myself on a daily basis, I am no longer sitting on the sidelines or thinking only about everyone else's needs. One step forward. One earlier alarm clock time set in the morning to ring and get the workout in before I navigate my day. These are changes I never thought possible only last April. My mind and body is aligned and that is one of the greatest gifts this program has given me! Cheers to all the Livy Losers on your next steps, bounces and leaps in this journey of life.

Love, Kaleigh

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