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How to Upload Progress photos

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Big changes can happen to your body over the course of 12 weeks that show up in photos even more than they do on the scale. For this reason, the Livy Method app provides two ways of tracking your progress visually:

  • Weekly Progress Photos

  • Program Before & After Photos

In this article we will cover how to upload and manage your photos.

Please note: All photos are PRIVATE unless you decide to share photos with others. The Livy Method app does not share your photos or make them public in anyway without your consent and action.

Add a Progress Photo after each Program Week

Every time you complete a week in the program, you will prompted to add a progress photo for that week. You can do this at the time, or select "Not Now" and do this at a later time.

If you upload a photo, you'll be presented with two options: you can take a new photo in the moment, or choose one from your photo library:

Add Photos at any time from the Journey screen

1. Click the "Journey" tab

You will see a list of your Programs. Each Program has its own collection of Progress Photos.

2. Click on either the "Before Photo" or "After photo"

This will take you to the Progress Photo section for that Program where all photos are able to be uploaded, removed, updated, etc.

3. Choose if you would like to take a new photo or choose from your photo library

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