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How to Login to an existing Account

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

If you've already created an App Account and are using the same device, your Account should show up when you open the Livy Method App as an option for logging in. This account may or may not be different than the account you used to purchase the program.

(Note: It will tell you the code has been used too many times if you do not log in with the account you used previously to unlock the app. If you receive this message, please log in with the account you unlocked the program with in the past. If done correctly, it will not ask you for a code again.)

If this isn't the case, instead you'll see the Welcome screen with the option to "Add an Account":

To add your existing Account to your device:

1. Tap "Add an Account" (pictured above)

2. Tap "Log In"

3. Select the login option associated with your existing Account and complete the login process

You would have chosen one of these options when you originally created your Account.

After you've finished the login process, the next time you are logged out, this Account will now appear as an existing Account on the Welcome screen:

And you're done!

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