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How to Handle the “Code used too many times” Message

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Your Livy Method account holds all your sign-up information and data about your current and past programs. You only need one Livy Method account throughout your journey with Gina's programs.

When you first created your Livy Method account in the app, you unlocked your program with your 7-letter access code, which is now permanently linked to that account.

If you’ve logged out and need to log in again, using the same login credentials linked with your unlocked program is essential. There are four potential login methods:

  1. Continue with Email (using an email/password combination)

  2. Continue with Google

  3. Continue with Apple

  4. Continue with Facebook

If you log into the app using a login method or email address that is different from the one initially created when you first unlocked your program with your 7-letter access code, you will be accidentally creating a second account. If you create a second account, this will result in the message "code used too many times" since you are attempting to use your 7-letter access code to unlock the program again in the second account.

To resolve this problem, take the following steps:

1. Tap the three small dots on the upper right of your app.

2. Tap "Log out" and then confirm logging out.

Next, you will now see the "Welcome back!" screen, the account(s) listed on this screen will show those stored on your device.

4. If you have only one account* on your screen, select "Manage Accounts" and remove that account by tapping the red minus "-" symbol. Confirm removal of this account. Note: This will not result in any loss of data.

*If you have more than one account on this screen, select the account you created when you first unlocked your program using the 7-letter access code. Continue to log in.

5. If no Livy Method accounts are on the device, you will be presented with the Welcome screen. Tap "Add an Account".

6. Next, tap "Log in" on the top part of the screen.

7. Choose the option selected when you initially unlocked your program using the 7-letter access code. Continue to log in.

If you need help identifying the correct option linked to your account, please email and include your 7-letter access code.

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1 Comment

I’ve tried many times to unlock my program. Followed these steps. Always stops me when I enter the access code - still saying used too many times. please help!

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