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How to Choose your Non-Scale Victories

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Members following the Livy Method experience all kinds of benefits that go beyond lower numbers on the scale. We track these benefits throughout the Program as "Non-Scale Victories" (NSVs). They're important markers of change!

Weight Loss by Gina provides a list of Non-Scale Victories which are common among members, but you can also track your unique NSVs once you've started your first program.

During the Pre-Prep Week period, simply choose which NSVs are particularly interesting and relevant to you. Then, they will appear each week during the program so you can say when you've experienced them!

To Choose your Non-Scale Victories:

After you've unlocked your program:

1. Tap on "Non-scale victories"

2. Select which Non-Scale Victories are relevant to your weight loss journey

3. Tap "Save"

And you're done!

Once you've started your First Program, visit How to Track Non-Scale Victories.

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