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4 Fast Fixes to Boost Your Weight Loss

1. DRINK MORE WATER We all know the benefits of drinking more water and staying hydrated in the summer. But did you know increasing your water intake induces the natural detox process that boosts healthy fat loss, and curbs sugar and carb cravings, too? Without enough water, the body will have you craving high-water content foods like fruits. That urge can easily be misread as a need for sugar and carbs, making them difficult to avoid. Lack of water can also affect the ability for food to move in and out of your system, which can affect your bowel movements and your body’s ability to detox.

The average person needs 3.5 liters just for processing food in and out and even more for detox. Bumping up your water helps to flush out fats and toxins, taking your health and wellness to the next level. But higher temperatures, exercise or outdoor activity can make staying hydrated especially difficult in the summer months.

THE FIX Lemon Adding lemon to your water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach stimulates your digestive system, wakes your body up and adds in essential digestive enzymes.

Bonus: Add lemon or any fruit or veg to your water throughout the day and it will help prevent the water from flushing through your system, helping you stay hydrated.

Mineral drops

Take it a step further by adding trace mineral drops to your water. Found in a variety of plant and animal sources, trace minerals like iron, zinc, iodine, copper and selenium are not only beneficial, but necessary for good digestive health, regulating hormones and boosting your immune system.

TIP: Adding in a pinch of sea salt along with your trace minerals can help to maintain your electrolytes.

2. EAT MORE FAT Without enou