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Title The Livy Method

The Livy Method

You may be wondering what the Livy Method is and how does the program work?



Our Weight Loss Program is a 91 Day Step by step guided process where what you eat and when changes and evolves as you progress, and where each week has a different focus and tweak.

The Program is specifically designed to take a concentrated amount of time (91 days) to help you lose as much weight as possible in a way that is healthy for both body and mind. 

Once you reach your goal by completing as many rounds of the weight loss program as needed, you can focus on the Solidifying and Maintaining stages of maintenance. Each stage sets you up for success so you can move on Finally & Forever, to live life mindfully and leave dieting behind for good.  


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Gina and her dedicated team will guide you through the process day to day.

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Hundreds of informational posts, videos, live Q&As, meal ideas, and all the tools & knowledge you need to be successful.

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Our Livy Method app that guides you through the 91 days of the program and process while tracking your weight, fluids, movement, mood and more, along with the ability to journal your progress.

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Get access to our amazing private Facebook support group where thousands of previous and new members support each other in this journey.

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Lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way and move on with your life!


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You will be emailed a seven letter code you will need to gain access to the app and the Facebook group.

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After you request to join the Group, it takes 24 - 48 hours for your access code to be confirmed.

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Once you gain access to the app, you can do the Pre-Prep checklist and set up your preferences.

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Once you are in the group, also check out our Welcome Guide!


The first week of the group is Prep Week, which gives you time to review the information, ask questions, and get anything you need. There is nothing you need to do beforehand. 


At the beginning of each new week, the guidelines for that week will be posted.


Each day, you can:

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Watch the Daily Check In video.

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Read/watch any new information,
which is posted in the Guides section.

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Ask any questions you have on the Question of the Day post.

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Participate/watch the Facebook Live Q&A sessions.

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Use your Livy Method app to track your progress and document your journey.

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  • How long is the program?
    The Program is 91 Days. Regardless if you have 5 lbs or over 100 lbs to lose, I believe it takes at least that long to make major change in the body. The goal is to lose as much as you can in that time frame.
  • Is your program Keto, low fat, low do you lose?
    You will find my Method & Program is different than anything on the market. There is no weighing, measuring, or counting. It's just eating healthy food in a systematic way that helps the body specifically focus on fat loss. While following the Food Plan, your portions will naturally adjust. Calorie counting, weighing & measuring is associated with burn-the-fat diets, which my program is not.
  • Do you have to follow a meal plan?
    There is a Food Plan Formula that does need to be followed for maximum results. You are provided with a guide outlining what you are to eat and when each week. It is very flexible in terms of your choice of foods & can accommodate most nutritional needs or any dietary limitations. Vegans as well as pregnant, new or nursing Moms are welcome.
  • Does it require buying special foods?
    You do not have to purchase any special foods on my plan. Everything you need can be found at your local grocery store. Protein of your choice along with fruits, veggies, leafy greens, nuts, seeds and grains like rice, quinoa & cereals are all on plan. For the most part, you will be able to eat many foods you enjoy.
  • What if I am on medications and/or have health issues? Will your program still work for me?
    Because the Program is based on making the body healthier, it can accommodate & will work effectively regardless of any health issues. It is always suggested to check in with your healthcare provider along the way and let us know if you have any questions day to day.
  • Can I still drink Alcohol on plan?
    Yes, you are not required to stop drinking alcohol in order to be successful on plan.
  • Do I need to exercise and is exercise part of the program?
    You can if you want & while we do discuss the best forms of exercise to complement the program, it is not a mandatory requirement of the program.
  • What if I go away on vacation, can I still do the Program?"
    Absolutely! The Program takes into account people having vacations, celebrating Holidays, and having off days or any other reason why you may need to take time off.
  • Does the Program work for Men?
    Don't let my love of pink fool you, the program works really well for Men!
  • Do you have to purchase specific supplements?
    There are basic supplements that I do suggest that work well with the program & can help facilitate the weight loss process based on individual need, but they are not mandatory. I do not work with any specific supplement company & will not require or ask you to buy or sell them. Any suggested supplements will be discussed in the Group a few weeks after we get started.
  • How much weight can I lose?
    Results are individual and can vary greatly. It depends on the state of your body when you start, how much weight you have to lose, and any health issues that need to be taken into account. How diligent you are about following the program will also have a big impact on your results. I have had clients and group members lose anywhere between 10 and 70 lbs over the course of 91 days.
  • Do I need Facebook to do the Group Program?
    No, you do not need Facebook to follow the Program. You do need Facebook in order to participate in the Support Group though. The Support Group is private and only members will see anything posted in it. Facebook account names are not associated with the program. You will use your seven letter code contained in your confirmation email to gain access.
  • Where can I find more information about the Livy Method companion app?
    You can visit your preferred App store to learn more about the Livy Method App and to download the most recent version. For more information about using the App, our How-To guide is available for download at If you have any issues with the Livy Method app, you can email us at
  • Can I do the Program if I have an eating disorder?
    Weight Loss by Gina is not a medical organization and cannot meet the needs of those with eating disorders. For this reason, those with a current medical diagnosis of an eating disorder are not eligible for our Programs.
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