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Ready to Lose 

Finally& Forever?

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Let's talk weight loss

Diets don't work.  If they did, people would be losing weight and obesity rates would be declining, not climbing. 

There are more diets out there than ever, but none of them seem to work in a way where you not only lose weight, but are able to keep it off without gaining it all back or struggling to maintain


The whole concept of dieting is flawed and based on old,

archaic methods, charts, and outdated information. 

Most diets are based on fat burning, eating less and exercising more, or forcing your body to use and burn fat by restricting carbohydrates and energy foods. 

If you keep creating a demand for your body to use its stored fat for energy, you may lose weight initially, but eventually you will gain the weight all back plus more.  Because that is the natural response of the body when it has been deprived. 

This is where MY PROGRAM is different.


About Me

My Mission is to change the diet industry...

by showing people they can lose weight in a healthy way, both physically and mentally, and make it affordable, doable, and sustainable. 

I also strive to make weight loss as fun and as easy as possible along the way.  Where you not only lose weight in a healthy way but also in a way that leaves you more in-tune to your body's needs. So you never have to look back and revisit weight loss again. 

Hi, I'm Gina and if you are on a mission to meet your weight loss goals finally and forever, I have the most effective and comprehensive program that will help you achieve your goals in a healthy and sustainable way.

The foreshadowing of my passion for weight loss started at the age of 10 when I had the idea to open my first Weight Loss Studio in my parent's basement for the kids at school.  Fast forward 30 some years later and I am still helping people lose weight. 

I not only have a passion for helping people and the experience to do it well, I also understand the struggle to lose weight, having once weighed over 220 pounds myself. It was during that initial struggle with weight loss that the foundation for my 12 week weight loss program was formed. Using the program I developed and refined over the years, I have been able to successfully lose over 100 pounds and maintain it even after having four kids. Over the years I have helped thousands of others lose their weight and keep it off and I can help you too.  


The Livy Method
& Group Program

The Most Comprehensive & Effective weight loss program on the market!

How can I confidently say that? I have spent the past 25+ years helping people lose weight. Having been in the industry this long, I've seen a lot of diets come and go and learned what works and what doesn't work. 

Through my years of hands on experience, I have created a method for losing weight in a way that helps you get healthier and more in-tune to your body's needs, making it easier to maintain.  I call it the Livy Method!

The Livy Method is a 3 Step Process:

  1. Address why the body is feeling the need to store fat.

  2. Help the body to focus specifically on fat loss.

  3. Create the environment so the body can get the fat out.

 included with the 12 Week Weight loss program
... and all for only $75!

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Personal Coaching from Gina

Daily Posts and Videos

Private Facebook Support Group

*NEW* Free Access to Our Companion App

No Lifetime Memberships

Gina and her dedicated team will be guiding you through the process day to day.

Hundreds of informational posts, videos, live Q&As, meal ideas, and  all the tools & knowledge you need to be successful.

Get access to our amazing private Facebook support group where thousands of previous and new members support each other in this journey.

New for 2022 ! We are launching our new companion app that will allow users to track their weight, water, food, daily journaling and many more features. The app is included in the purchase price.

Lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way and move on with your life!



A Place to Celebrate & Inspire - Where Losing is a good thing! And we love our Non Scale Victories!

Thank you to our awesome Livy Losers & group members for sharing some of their inspiring weight loss journeys, adventures and challenges along the way.


Pam - Spring 2021

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For once in my entire 61 years I feel nearly free of any diet angst. I still have some work to do mentally because my mind has been so damaged from all the diet BS I’ve been through. I will always be a work in progress and trying to level up, to be the best I can be. IF I never lost a single ounce with this method, the knowledge I’ve gained about the human body has been beyond. The things I’ve learned about my own body have been amazing. Between the scale and my body we have now all become friends after so many years of hatred. I want to tell everyone I know that they should give Gina 12 weeks of their life. Every school on this planet should have a course like Gina’s where our children can be taught right from the start, so they don’t have to suffer a lifetime like I have.

I’ve always been very transparent about the fact that I came into Gina’s program with a 55 pound weight loss. That loss was a 2 1/2 year process, of weighing, measuring, counting this that and the other, eating low fat everything, restricting certain foods and exercising to burn fat.

Thank God and for my friend Susan, reaching out to me after she herself was introduced to Gina’s method. Susan saved me from another failed attempt to keep off those pounds.

Three sessions later with Gina, I can say I’ve reached my finally and forever. I’ve walked through all the feels just like everyone else on plan. It took me 1/2 way through round three to realize on my own accord that I was done. I battled a number in my head that didn’t matter. Susan told me she knew a while ago but I had to discover this for my own self. No more blood pressure meds either. Today, I’m using all the tools that Gina has gifted me. It’s a new avenue for me to drive and I’m a bit nervous but I have the map with me at all times to get back on the road when I need to. Thank you to the whole Livy Team. You are all beyond words and such a gift to all of us. 77# gone forever. 22# LIVY METHOD" 

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