Healthy Food


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Let's talk about Food on the Program

I love to eat so this is definitely a program where you can enjoy food.  With that said however, there is a system to it and a rhyme and reason to everything you eat on the Plan.



With that in mind, the Program goes far beyond just food choices, so we will be covering a variety of issues and topics along the way. 

Once we get started, everything you will need to know will be posted in the Facebook Support Group, where you can ask any questions you have.  For now, I'm hoping this page can give you an idea of the kinds of food that are on Plan. 

While there is a specific food plan to follow, which outlines what to eat and when, there is a lot of flexibility in terms of the kinds of food you can choose from when putting your meals and snacks together.

The goal of the program is to lose weight in a way that makes the body healthier along the way and helps you get more in-tune to its needs, so weight loss is easier to maintain. 



  • ANY KIND...literally

  • Best to get fresh, but canned or frozen also works

There is nothing you need to do to get ready for one of our Groups as we give you the first week to read over the information, ask any questions you have, and grab anything you need.  However, if you are interested, here is a sample grocery list to give you an idea of the kinds of food included on the Plan.

let's talk groceries