The Story goes...


At the age of 10 I had the idea to opened my first Weight Loss Studio in my parents

basement for the kids at my school.  Fast forward 30 some years later and I am still

helping people lose weight.

I not only have a passion for helping people, I also understand the struggle to lose weight having once weighed over 220 pounds myself.

It was in my own weight loss journey that I started to look into why traditional diets were not working for me.  I was teaching aerobics and exercising a lot and working as a personal trainer but found even though I was eating super low calories

I just couldn't lose the weight.


Everything I had been taught about weight loss wasn't working for me so I set out on a mission to figure out why.  From food history to how foods break down in the body along with the affects of additives and preservatives, biology, evolution...you name it, I looked into it and though my findings managed to come up with a plan that helped me lose 80 pounds in 6 months and the rest within the year. 

After having lost a 120 lbs the first time, I repeated the process 4 more times after the birth of each of my children and have easily maintained my weight since.

My approach to weight loss is based on that same program which I have continued to fine tune and perfect over the years as new research comes out and studies are done.


My proven 12 week step by step program is radically different than any diet available today.  It systematically addresses fat loss so you not only lose weight but easily keep it off without gaining it all back plus more.


The diet industry isn't designed to actually help people...there is a lot of hype, misinformation and half truths that are preventing people from reaching their weight loss goals and improving their health... so I am on a mission to change that.